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  • “We found Premia Realty Group and Maria Rosino-Miracco by referral from our estate attorney. We were looking for a real-estate attorney to help walk us through a FSBO transaction and we are very grateful to have been connected with Maria and her team. Knowing that we had our interests represented by both an experienced agent and attorney truly set our minds at ease through what ended up being an unusual and tricky transaction. She kept us updated at every juncture and was always quick to answer any question we had. We wouldn’t hesitate in working with her again if we have future needs and would highly recommend her services.”

    Vista, CA

  • “We are foreigners, so everything is more difficult in terms of credit and knowledge on how to buy a house in USA. If we didn’t have such experienced person in our side we would have had a very hard time, maybe didn’t even finalize the deal.

    I recommend Maria Miracco, she is organized, precise and is always making efforts to give you the best deal possible!”

    Carlsbad, CA

  • “Maria was terrific in every way. We were dealing with an inherited property after a death in the family, and I live on the East Coast – so far away from the home and unable to deal with things on site. Maria helped with EVERYTHING from getting the house painted, cleaned, and prepared for sale, and relieved so much pressure from us. She made the entire process as easy as possible for us and the house sold quickly. Id re-hire her in a heartbeat, and I recommend her highly.”
    Sharon, MA

  • “I was so blessed to have Maria come into my life and help me with getting my home sold. My property was in and out of foreclosure for many years.I needed the market to recover from the crash of 2005-2011, so that I could buy another place. As time went on my options to keep and sell were getting sparse.I actually had my prayers answered, when Maria returned my call.

    Maria worked on all the legal ends that were getting out of hand. She was on top of the foreclosure from the first day that I became one more of her lucky clients. I must admit,I thought I would loose her because of my difficult demands. Well she sold my house, helped me find a nice property and even did the sale on another property for me since. Maria will take care of you as if you are part of her family. If you are dead set with anything, even if you are wrong, Maria will step back and let you use up her time, just to keep you happy! If you hire Maria you will get a wonderful Real Estate Attorney and a Realtor with ethics.”
    Oceanside, CA

  • “Maria, was a great, we were dealing with time restraints, we had less than two weeks to get the home sold. Maria, helped me through a ruff time, dealing with a loss, which resulted in me inheriting a home that was a fixer upper that had multiple issues that made the selling of the home, a bit difficult, and the home was located in a Los Angeles county and I live in San Diego county, and Maria, was willing to do what it took to get the home sold, she was OUTSTANDING!!

    Maria is a God send, she helped me to close that chapter in my life, allowing the chance to Exhale.

    I’d recommend Maria, without a doubt, if anyone needs to sell or buy.”

    Dawn N.
    San Diego

  • “Maria is great! I was a long-distance seller, and she handled everything, including repairs, intruders, and clearing out the last of deceased’s belongings. She was recommended to me by my estate sale person, who had been impressed with her work before.”
    Bolder, CO

  • “When it was time for our family to buy a new home…we could have reached out to multiple “realtor” friends. Thankfully, we chose to work with Maria Rosino-Miracco…and now we own our dream home Maria’s experience allows her to clearly set expectations and identify options for her Clients. Her value reaches beyond traditional brokerage services…as Maria offers an “attorney” perspective which provides a strategic and calming overview throughout the sales cycle. Overall, I would highly recommend talking to Maria about your quest for a dream home…when all said and done…she’ll end up being your friend as well.”
    Tom and Tammy
    Carlsbad, CA

  • “Realtor Maria Rosino-Miracco at Premia Reality offered exceptional expertise, personal consideration, and integrity in the complicated sale of my mother’s old house in the West Clairemont Mesa area of San Diego.

    Her additional legal expertise as a real estate attorney steadied the complicated course of selling the house as my mother’s successor trustee instead of as home owner. Ms. Rosino-Miracco further adapted the sales process to the uncertain timing of the preliminary eviction of a recalcitrant lodger in the house. Patient and thorough in answering questions, she took the position of educator rather than salesperson.

    Mindful that I was simultaneously caring for my elderly mother in another city, Ms. Rosino-Miracco not only referred me to excellent local sources for preparing the house for sale — yard cleanup, trash pick-up, estate sale management, house inspection, termite inspection and tenting, post office change-of-address forms, and so on — she many times made arrangements on my behalf and coordinated the local workers. For timely and accurate signing of the voluminous documents required of successor trustee, she even dispatched an assistant to my home twice. She has an unusual capacity for good grace under pressure and good timing.

    What especially stood out for me was her integrity, beyond the call of duty as realtor and attorney. When the home sale unexpectedly fell out of escrow, Ms. Rosino-Miracco and an associate purchased the house themselves at the good price promised by the buyer. This exceptional follow-through on her part enabled me to cover my mother’s long-term healthcare costs without additional turmoil.

    I particularly recommend the deeply engaged services of Ms. Rosino-Miracco and her staff to any home owners with complicated sales situations.”
    Jean Maria, PhD
    San Diego, CA

  • “Maria made the exciting but difficult journey of finding a new home and selling our existing home as easy and smooth as it could possibly be. She was readily accessible to answer any questions and walk us thru the process. She was fantastic and I would highly recommend her.”
    Carlsbad, CA

  • “Maria is very experienced and amazing at what she does. She makes strategic steps, to achieve what is in her clients best interest. When we wanted to sell our home and buy another, we did not hesitate to contact her. Our home was listed by Maria, just when the market was experiencing new challenges and extremely low inventory. Every home offer presented, was a competitive tackle. Even in the contingent offer position we were in , she made our home purchase possible! She impressively coordinated the timely domino transactions of our sale and our purchase. The home we wanted, was a highly sought out one-story in an ideal community. The moment it went on the market, it had multiple offers. All above the asking price. We were only willing to pay no more than asking. Guess what!? Maria negotiated what we wanted. We now own that wonderful home.! All while she was on vacation 3 hours ahead and we were on vacation 3 hours behind. A 6 hour time difference, didn’t stop her! I highly recommend this seasoned Real Estate Professional. To anyone who is considering listing or buying a home!”
    Carlsbad, CA

  • “I highly recommend Maria Rosino-Miracco. My husband and I knew we wanted to buy a home in Carlsbad but did not know the area well. Maria knows this area, the schools, neighborhoods as well as surrounding cities. She listened to what was important to us in a new home. We would not have found our house without her. She is also knowledgeable about the entire process. She helped us every step of the way and was always available whenever we asked to go home viewing or had questions. I fully recommend her to anyone out there ready to buy or sell.”
    Carlsbad, CA

  • “Maria was extremely helpful in helping to have my family member’s house listed and sold. She is highly recommended by myself in providing great communication and sound advice. She was helpful since I live in NY and my deceased cousin’s house was in CA. Maria is a reliable, honest, responsible and caring person who we trusted completely to assist us to a successful closing.

    Thank you Maria Rosino-Miracco for all your hard work and advise.”
    New York

  • “From the initial listing of our home through its eventual sale, Maria provided a degree of knowledge and service that went beyond any of my prior experiences with lesser qualified Realtors. The fact that she is also an attorney served as an added bonus when negotiating the fine details of our sale. Because of her integrity and a proactive stance in clarifying several contractual issues, the chances of having problems down the line has been substantially limited. In sum, Maria’s hard work has earned our highest recommendation and we would consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her again.”
    Eric B

  • “Maria was very professional, knowledgeable, and resourceful when dealing with our family. My father was not able to make the mortgage payments on one of his rental properties after he retired. We initiated contact with Maria at that point and she came over for a free consultation to help us go over our options. She explained the difference between a foreclosure and a short sale and we decided to go with her to short sale our property. From the get-go, Maria was very good with communication among us, the current tenants, and the various financial institutions that held claims on the subject property. We had several obstacles that kept appearing and Maria was still able to guide us through the process and had a solution for each of the obstacles as they presented themselves. She made the process extremely easy for us and we really didn’t need to do much after our initial meeting other than sign a few documents whenever she needed them signed. I would highly recommend employing Maria with her vast knowledge and resources, both as an attorney and as a realtor, for any real estate transaction. She has shown a propensity to get deals done and it’s clear once you talk to her that she knows what she is doing and has connections within the industry to help get paperwork moved through the system. ”
    Don N.
    4 S Ranch (San Diego), California

  • “We went with Maria after interviewing 2 local realtors. Maria came across as knowing the market and being very driven to help us sell our house. She was by far more engaged and active than the other agents interviewed. We listed our house at a price higher than we originally expected due to Maria’s insights and reading of the market. Upon signing with Maria, she went to work, helping with alot of staging, taking outstanding photos of our house, putting together the marketing program and getting things lined up for listing. As an elderly person who hasn’t sold a house in over 25 years, she made the process extremely easy.
    We cannot be happier with the experience. Maria’s legal background was also a great plus as she really works to put her expertise to use to get the best deal she can. There is a lot of truth to the saying “to get the best go with the best” and Maria certainly did not disappoint and met all over our expectations. I would highly recommend Maria for any buy/sell transaction.”
    Marcello R.
    Carlsbad, California

  • “We used Maria to both sell our house and purchase a new home. When we wanted to sell our house as quickly as possible, Maria was the first person we reached out to and she did not disappoint despite the fact that she was not a local realtor. She quickly responded to our request and was out to go over the steps we needed to take the next day. She handled everything with the process for us and in a matter of only a few days she had several offers back to us including the one we accepted. The whole process was as painless as we could ask for and we were very pleased with her commitment to providing us with a great experience in our first time selling a home after many, many years. While we were in escrow on the sale our house, she also helped us purchase a new house and used her legal skills in order to get our offer accepted despite multiple bids. Outside of what we came to her for, she also helped in selling items we didn’t plan to take with us and in finding our next place in her attempt to go above and beyond. I recommend using Maria for any of your real estate needs, and when we look to buy or sell a house again, we will definitely reach back out to her and recommend her to all our friends.”
    Michelina R.
    Northridge & Carlsbad, California

  • “When Maria Rosino-Miracco was recommended by a banker friend we were skeptical, because we have had bad experiences with realtors in the past. Maria was quick to understand the distinguishing features of our house which would be appealing to potential buyers. When we discussed how she would work with us in terms of pricing, signage, showings, listing, etc, she was willing to work with our circumstances and wishes. She coordinated ‘showings’ with no surprises, making accommodation workable. Her feedback helped guide our pricing decision processes to arrive at a price which was dead on. She never applied pressure to accept an offer. She is trustworthy and very professional in every respect. Then there are negotiations on ‘terms’ which require give and take, her recommendations made this a quick and accommodating process. Her legal background helped avoid pitfals. Follow-up pre and post-closing found Maria on top of every step. If you are looking for a happy ending, we highly recommend Maria to sell your home.”

    Bob & Barbara C.
    Carlsbad, California

  • “I have worked with other Realtors in the past and have never had one that worked as hard for me as Maria did. In the past, I often had to do most of the footwork, paperwork completion, etc. With Maria as my Realtor, she did ALL of the footwork and didn’t burden me with hardly ANY of the “tasky” things that other realtors often asked of me. Did I have to fill out paperwork? Yes. But Maria would complete what she could on this paperwork to save me some time at least. In addition, much of the document completion and signing was done electronically, which also added to the convenience of going through the short-sale process. Maria was quite the negotiator and went to bat for me through the arduous short-sale process. Never once did I feel burdened by the process of going through the short-sale process, though, I’m sure Maria did. I believe the reason I never felt burdened was because Maria was doing all of the hard work and bearing the brunt of the difficulties that can ensue with short-sale negotiations. I commend Maria for never letting her frustrations be known to me, if that were ever the case. She did her job and then some. Maria made sure that this process was as easy for me as possible, and I appreciate that. I would highly recommend Maria as a Realtor and short-sale expert. She knows her stuff and you can trust her with ANY real estate transaction, regardless of how “tricky” it be.”

    Jill C.
    Rancho Bernardo, California

  • “I hold the highest regard and respect for the way Maria Rosino conducts her real estate business. I signed a listing with her to sell my home in Oceanside and never worried one moment about any of the details as she handled them all like the professional that she is. Even though the first solid offer came in after only two weeks on the market and fell through, Maria remained steadfast in her resolve to continue to market and sell my home. Her marketing skills involve not only still photos but also a drone overhead shot and a 3 D rendition showing a beautifully furnished home. The pamphlet/brochure she produced was of the highest quality and included all of my home’s finer points. A second offer soon followed and for whatever reason fell through also. Maria immediately followed up with just one open house and we soon signed an offer with the third serious buyer and closed escrow within 3 weeks.

    Maria gave me a lot of good pointers to improve the curb appeal of the exterior premise of my home. She is also a competent negotiator and knows how to price competitively but in ” the zone”. Maria kept me in the loop the entire time and I never had to wonder what was going on . I allowed Maria to do her job and she did an outstanding job as far as I am concerned.

    I have bought and sold 12 homes during my life time so I am not new to realtors and feel blessed to have found someone like Maria who is knowledgeable, ethical, honest, hardworking and personable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced and professional realtor. Maria is also an attorney which takes a lot of stress off of dealing with all the documents involved in a real estate transaction.”

    Henny Oceanside, California

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